Our estate agency is registred as a member of the FIAIP  ( Italian Federation of Professional Estate Agents, registration n° 24614 ) and deals with sales of houses, villas, apartments, properties, commercial activities, seasonal and annual leases, estimates of real estate over the whole area of Elba.

Our professional and highly qualfied staff live on the island all year.We can therefore provide a year-round service for our clients during the sale as well as a sesonal service for collecting boyh summer and winter rents.

Our work is is not resticted to mere sales: we assist our clients for beyond the professional working relationship ensuring that the client is supported through all the stages of purchase.Our work is doneby qualified professionals with more than ten years of experience.

You can find us in the main turist location of the island: Marina di Campo, Piazza dei Granatieri (also known as market square) at the very entrance of the village.